$37 UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Steering Wheel Wrap+ Soft C Automotive Interior Accessories $37,Rear,UZZUHI,Steering,Wheel,Automotive , Interior Accessories,C,Wrap+,/caul1036404.html,Front,Soft,risingsunickford.co.uk,Covers+,Seat,Car UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Wrap+ C Wheel Steering Soft High quality new $37,Rear,UZZUHI,Steering,Wheel,Automotive , Interior Accessories,C,Wrap+,/caul1036404.html,Front,Soft,risingsunickford.co.uk,Covers+,Seat,Car $37 UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Steering Wheel Wrap+ Soft C Automotive Interior Accessories UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Wrap+ C Wheel Steering Soft High quality new

UZZUHI Max 51% OFF Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Wrap+ C Wheel Steering Soft High quality new

UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Steering Wheel Wrap+ Soft C


UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Steering Wheel Wrap+ Soft C

Product description

Color:Aqua Dragonfly Starry Sky

Car Interior Accessories 11 piece set
Package:Full Set of 11 Including 4 Pcs Car Front/Back Seat Covers+1 Pcs Steering Wheel Cover+2 Pcs Seat Belt Pads +2 Pcs Car Cup Coasters+2 Pcs Key Chains.NOTE: NO CAR BACKSEAT HEADREST COVER!
1,Front/Back Seat Covers-Prevent wear and tear, spills and stains. Long lasting durability.
Universal Fit/Anti Slip/Breathable/Comfortable/Clean,elastic strap with hooks on the bottom of the seat covers, no tools required,easy to install.
2,Steering Wheel Cover-Fits all standard size steering wheels from 14.5 inch to 15.5 inches in diameter.Fits most of cars,suv,trucks,van,Fully lined with Non Slip material
It has strong air permeability and sweat absorption for safe and secure fit. A better grip on the wheel gives your more control on the road.Protect your original steering wheel from wear and tear.
3,Seat Belt Shoulder Pad-Neoprene, waterproof, thermal insulated, soft and comfortable padding, sweat absorbent,and stretchy.
Protect and ease your neck and shoulder. When you're driving making you and your family more comfortable and safer. Nicely fit adult and kids.Seat belt pads/covers are
adjustable. Universal design fit any kind of cars. Hook and loop closure,you can adjust the width and perfectly fit your car seat belt
4.Key Chains-You can attach them to your purse, keys, bags, backpack, locker hook, make up bag, carry on bag, gym bag, etc.
5.Car Cup Coasters-fit cup holders in most cars, vans, boats, SUV and trucks,coaster has non-slip rubber backing to preventing your cars from scratches and stains,perfect for adding style to your vehicle.

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UZZUHI Car Front Rear Seat Covers+ Steering Wheel Wrap+ Soft C

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